Great landing and I also appreciate the advise on the flaps! I am also building the same TF with Saito 125 and I like your scale muffler, which I plan to get!

The prop that used is a 14/8 master airscrew and its a good performer gives plenty of speed and unlimited vertical, of course you could go 15/7, using 15% cool power, and the throws set them as per the instructions except the flaps, and the CG is set up at 5″ Some stall tests at altitude and at idle with full up elevator and she wont drop a wing, the nose comes down slowly, no nasty surprises with this bird good luck with it!

Great job on the retracts. I am building my Gold Edition ARF myself now. I have an RV-4 that I fly with a Saito100 and love the engine. So I got the Saito125 for the P51. Thanks for the video of the landing. Very nice with the flaps down.

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