Brushless (bürstenlose) Motoren im Modellbau haben den Vorteil, dass der Verschleiß sehr gering ist. Ausser den Permanent-Magneten und den Kugellagern der Welle des Motors gibt es bei normalem Gebrauch keine… Pylon Racer / F5D. EDF jets. Scale Airplanes Please support our banner advertisers by visiting their site - Thank you Modelbouw website modelbouwinks naar clubs modelbouwwinkels radiografisch electro RC modelvliegtuigen zenders ontvangers borstelloos motor Tags: modelbouwwinkels, modelbouw, links, Meaning of KV for electric KV as we use it refers to the rpm constant of a motor - it is the number of revolutions per minute that the motor will turn when 1V (one Volt) is applied This Rechargeable Electric Fuel Pump is specially designed and developed for model engine fuel use. Light weight easy to use, hand held or attached to your